About Us


Our team at ADx Healthcare wants you to know your risk for Alzheimer’s disease so you can take steps now to improve your cognitive health. There is HOPE and we want to show you where to find it.

Dr. Fortna is the President ofADx Healthcare.  He is a practicing pathologist and a member of the American Association of Neuropathologists.  His PhD is in cellular and molecular biology, and his PhD research focused on the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease, in particular the  gamma-secretase enzyme complex that is involved in the generation of amyloid plaques.  His pathology work focuses on diagnostic pathology, including anatomic and molecular pathology techniques.

Jeff Chance brings ADx Healthcare a broad technical sales, business development and marketing background in silicon chip and medical device products.  His work experience includes international sales at Merit Sensor, a division of Merit Medical Systems. Merit Sensor manufactures and sells single-use blood pressure sensors.  Prior to Merit Sensor he led business development and marketing activities at Blackrock Microsystems, a neural data acquisition systems company serving the global research and clinical neuroscience markets.

Jeff is co-founder of Microstaq, now DunAn Microstaq, Inc., a MEMS-based flow controls company.  Jeff began his international business career at General Motors’ engine cooling and air-conditioning systems division.  He has an undergraduate degree in Japanese and a MBA from Brigham Young University.  Jeff is a veteran of the US Navy and served aboard the USS Mississippi, CGN-40.

Steve Booth joins the team bringing background in start-up companies. In past ventures he created teams, ran operations, obtained funding and helped turn inventions into products. He is a co-inventor on two patents. Prior toADx Healthcare, Steve led efforts to localize and expand consulting engineering services in the Middle East.

Steve co-founded Microstaq, now DunAn Microstaq, Inc., a venture backed MEMS-based flow controls company. Early on Steve worked with BYU, RPI, NYSERDA and NIST to build the technological base for product development. Steve also began his career at General Motors’ Harrison Radiator Division, and holds a BA and MBA from Brigham Young University.