Definitive Dementia Diagnosis through Brain Autopsy

The close of your loved one’s life is the time to save a vital part of your family’s health history through brain autopsy. 

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Unlock the Answers

Unlock the Answers

Deciding to have an autopsy can be a difficult decision. Call us anytime to discuss your concerns.

  • Access peace and closure by confirming the diagnosis you have been living through
  • Qualify yourself and your family for clinical trial opportunities and research
  • Face fears and educate yourself about options of hope
  • Join other families fighting dementia through science

What to Expect

What To Expect

  1. A family member or authorized party calls or emails us. Please, only use email in the pre-planning process.
  2. We will email authorization forms to obtain patient information and legal authority. At that time, we will gather other pertinent family logistics, such as name of funeral home, location of your loved one, etc.
  3. Once we receive your signed forms and payment, we will move forward with the recovery process. If your loved one is an organ donor, organ donation logistics will take priority.
  4. After recovery, the organ will be delivered to our privately-owned Bellingham, WA lab where our certified neuropathologist will perform the examination.
  5. We will then send the autopsy report to the appropriate party six to eight weeks after recovery of the brain organ.

Feel free to contact us at any time during the process.

Our laboratory services are located at Northwest Pathology in Bellingham, WA (CAP Accreditation #7184855, CLIA License #50D1017935).



Why would I want to have a brain autopsy for my loved one?

Knowledge is power. Many believe that all dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which is not the case. Our pathologist looks for a number of different types of dementia. Once you know the type of dementia(s) your loved one had, you may be able to determine the risk for your family.

Can the autopsy be prearranged?

Yes, we encourage it. Ideally the brain organ should be recovered within 72 hours after the time of death. Call us at any point in your decision making process with your questions and concerns.

How is the autopsy performed?

To examine the brain, a trained pathology assistant or tissue recovery specialist removes it from the body. This is done with the utmost respect and care. The organ is then sent to our laboratory where our pathologist examines the brain using a gross (large scale) examination and a microscopic examination. The autopsy findings are recorded in a final report with sample images and mailed to the requesting party. ADx Healthcare maintains a copy of the report in accordance with relevant healthcare privacy laws.

Can there be a viewing of the body following a brain autopsy?

Yes, viewings can take place when trained personnel perform removal. There are no cosmetic disfigurements with a brain autopsy procedure.

When will I receive the report?

The autopsy report is mailed to the appropriate party, dependent upon state law, six to eight weeks following organ recovery.

Will the findings be used for research purposes or to advance the science of dementia cures?

Our primary objective is to provide individuals and families the answers they seek regarding their loved one’s dementia. However, ADx Healthcare does have a research arm. If your family would like their loved one’s findings to be included in research that may help in finding cures for dementia we can discuss this option with you.

Who can request an autopsy?

There are state laws for each state that identify qualified parties for requesting autopsies. Typically the legal next of kin including spouse or children can authorize an autopsy. ADx Healthcare does require sufficient proof of identity to ensure the autopsy is in accordance with state law.

What can we expect to pay for this service?

Our standard price is $2900.00. Please let us know if you require payment terms.

Will my health insurance cover the brain autopsy?

Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover the cost of a brain autopsy. Payment is the responsibility of the family and is required at the time of death. As mentioned above, please let us know if you require payment terms.

Does ADx Healthcare perform brain autopsies for non-dementia cases such as brain injury or for forensics reasons?

ADx Healthcare focuses on brain autopsies for dementia-related diseases. This is our specialty. However, we take other brain related cases on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot accept a case, we will refer inquiries to other autopsy companies that specialize in non-dementia-related cases. Call us if you have a specific need you want addressed. We do not accept CTE or cases involving litigation at this time.

Will you take Cruetzfelt-Jacob Disease (CJD) cases?
We do not take confirmed or suspected cases of CJD. We will refer CJD cases to the National Prion Disease Surveillance Center at Case Western Reserve.

Can my loved one’s brain organ remains be returned following the autopsy?

The laboratory analysis does not allow for the return of human tissue.

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Maren Price knows that entrusting your loved ones with a stranger may leave you uneasy. As a newborn hearing screener and now a brain autopsy coordinator, Maren has the compassion and clinical experience necessary to care for your loved ones. With her 5 years of family-dominated healthcare services, Maren understands what family means to you and handles each family as if they were her own. Filling out consent forms, understanding the autopsy process or a listening ear, Maren will help calm the storm.

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